You’ve heard the advice about how to reduce your risk of tooth decay. Every Gainesville Dentist you’ve been to has likely touched on this. After all, they’re proven to reduce the risk of cavities and the need for a root canal.

  • Brush your teeth three times daily.
  • Floss twice a day.
  • Avoid sugar filled drinks and foods.

These steps are definitely important for your oral health. But they aren’t the only things you should do. In fact, more dentists are recommending an additional step to help further reduce the risk of tooth decay. The answer is dentalsealants.

What is a Dental Sealant?

Dental sealants are a very thin piece of plastic that is painted over your tooth. This is on the surface of teeth used for chewing. This includes the molars. When the piece of plastic is applied to the tooth, it blocks the elements from causing decay. None of the food or drinks you consume ever actually touch your enamel. There is no decay caused and the risk of cavities is significantly reduced in the mouth.

Are There Benefits to Dental Sealants?

Gainesville dentists promote the use of sealants for long term preventive care. The reason is the benefits of using them outweigh the costs associated with them. This includes the following:

  • Protection is long lasting. Sealants can last for a decade before they need to be reapplied. Patients receive 10 years of constant prevention against long term tooth decay. This ultimately saves them money they’d experience from expensive treatments should the decay happen.
  • Sealants apply in a short period of time. They are applied directly to the teeth in a painless process. Once they’re there, you don’t have to remove them. They continue to protect your teeth as you eat and sleep. Since you can’t simply remove them, you won’t have to worry about losing them in a sink after brushing your teeth, or accidentally throwing them away. That makes them a great choice for even the most forgetful person.
  • No one can tell you’re wearing them. Not only do these sealants protect your teeth, but they are unnoticeable. You can have them in your mouth and only you and your Gainesville dentist will know you have them.

Who Should Use Dental Sealants?

This is a good question. While everyone should consider using dental sealants, it is important in children between 6 and 14 years old. This age group is at the highest risk of tooth decay and will benefit the most from having them in their mouth. Of course, everyone will benefit from having them. Including those who take pristine care of their teeth.

Take a proactive approach to protecting your oral health. Talk to your Gainesville dentistabout using dental sealants to help protect your teeth. These sealants are easy to install, painless and guaranteed to protect the enamel of your teeth. Since they can last up to a decade and reduce the potential cost of dental work, they are also a smart investment.

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