Cavities are a real concern for your teeth. When a cavity appears, it is important to see a Gainesville dentist. This professional can address the cavity before the tooth decay spreads and leads to oral pain and infection. Since cavities are a routine matter for the dentist, treating them is simple. Dental fillings and the latest dental technology can address these enamel problems fairly quickly.

What Does Cavity Removal Look Like?

The first line of treatment is removal. The Gainesville dentist will removed the infected portion of the tooth. This leaves behind a space that impact the structural integrity of the tooth. It also opens the tooth up for possible infection and further decay. Especially if it reaches the root of the tooth. Dental fillings are applied to protect the tooth and reduce the risk of loss.

What Types of Fillings are Used?

Traditionally, metal is used as a filling for your teeth. The most common metals used include silver, gold and platinum. However, the increasing cost and unsightly nature of these metals in your mouth doesn’t make them the best option. Today, alternative substances are used. This includes options like ceramics, resign amalgams and glass composites. Each provides the same benefits as their metallic counterparts. The difference is they don’t impact the appearance of your teeth.

Considerations for Dental Fillings

Your Gainesville dentist can help you to go over the pros and cons of each filling type. The truth is that not every filling type is right for every situation. When you’re considering each option, you need to take the following items into account.

  • Cost of treatment – Some materials cost more than other. Insurance companies will often only cover portions of specific types, depending where the filling lies in the mouth.
  • Aesthetics – There are fillings that blend in with the mouth better than others. Certain fillings will make it obvious you’ve had work done on your mouth. It is important to consider the placement of the cavity and decide what type of filling is best for the area of the mouth it appears in.
  • Durability – Materials that blend in better with your mouth, aren’t always the most durable. Sometimes, metals are the best choice available. When you consider the filling you’d like, go beyond how it looks. Consider how long it will last and the support it’ll provide your mouth. Some ceramics will only last 5 years, while metals will last a decade or more.
  • Sensitivity and Pain – Some dental fillings are more likely to lead to sensitivity and pain. This will require reapplication in the years that follow. However, they are also more effective when preventing further tooth decay in the mouth.

When you work with your Gainesville dentist, they’ll have the ability to further discuss your options for dental fillings. It is important to consider the options you have and to make an informed decision. After all, they will impact the appearance of your mouth and your oral health. Both of which will determine your overall health and comfort for years to come.

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