Replace missing teeth and restore full function and aesthetics to your smile

Minimally Invasive Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces a tooth root and supports a new tooth or teeth.

Dr. Craighead and Dr. Parra can perform all aspects of implant treatment, from implant surgery to designing and placing the new teeth, whether you want to replace one tooth, several teeth or all your teeth. They use 3D technology, which enables them to perform minimally invasive implant surgery.

Specialists Highly Trained in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are both prosthodontists, specialists with at least
three additional years of advanced training in aesthetic tooth restoration, including
dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Parra has additionally completed a two-year implant surgical fellowship program at
the University of Florida in Gainesville. Dr. Craighead is also a periodontist, a specialist in
dental implant surgery, gum and jawbone treatment and replacement. He is one of a
handful of dual specialists worldwide. He lectures on dental implant surgery, bone
grafting and advanced prosthodontics.

Ada Parra, DDS, MS and Justin Craighead, DMD, MS. Both doctors are prosthodontists, specialists in the restoration of teeth, including dental implant surgery.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the state-of-the-art and most predictable tooth replacement available today. They are the most natural and lifelike way to replace a tooth. They’re also the least complicated way as you’re not cutting down other teeth, as with dental bridges, or using dentures that will require constant maintenance.

Who Should Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are for people with missing teeth or teeth that are failing and can’t easily be saved, as well as people who are currently wearing dentures or partial dentures. If you have a question whether your tooth or teeth should be saved or replaced, you can meet with one of the doctors. Call us at 352-278-9222 to book a consultation or schedule a consultation online.

High-Quality Implant Treatment

all under one roof

As specialists, Drs. Parra and Craighead are rigorously trained in all aspects of replacing teeth with dental implants. Dr. Craighead’s additional expertise in treating gums, jawbone and other supporting tissues allow the doctors to effectively handle a wide range of implant cases, all in one location. As a result, you can expect the following:

Utilizing a team approach with two highly trained specialists under one roof allows them to deliver higher quality treatment more efficiently

Complimentary Implant Consultation

Parra Implant Consultation

Call 352-278-9222 to schedule an appointment
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Our Implant Procedures

Single Implant

We replace one or two missing teeth with single implants, an abutment (the connecting piece) and a crown.

Implant Bridge

Three to four adjacent missing teeth are best replaced with an implant bridge.

Implant-Retained Dentures (Snap-In Dentures)

Snap-In Dentures are an economical option for full-arch tooth replacement that still allows decent chewing power and a more natural experience. They can also be used for denture stabilization for existing denture wearers.

New Teeth In One Day Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Beautiful new teeth fixed in with implants for one or both arches. Dr. Craighead and Dr. Parra can replace your teeth in just one day, including any necessary extractions.

Our State-of-the-Art Process

The doctors use 3D imaging technology to plan and place your dental implants. This ensures precision placement and efficient surgery. Due to their expertise in both implant surgery and the creation and placement of new teeth, Drs. Parra and Craighead can make sure you have aesthetic, natural-looking teeth that function correctly and give you a beautiful smile.

Consultation, Exam & 3D X-Rays

Your implant treatment begins with a consultation, comprehensive exam and diagnostics. This includes digital X-rays, 3D X rays with our dental imaging CT scanner, and diagnostic models of your teeth. The doctors explain the results and each step of the procedure, answering any questions you have.

Meticulous Digital Planning

Using 3D software, the doctors digitally plan the implant surgery. They calculate the height, width and diameter of the implants needed and place them virtually in the jaw on their implant planning software. The scans allow them to see the positions of any other teeth and the location of the nerves.

From there they can also plan restoration—the final tooth or teeth—resulting in optimal placement for best function and aesthetics.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

This meticulous planning of the procedure ahead of time makes the actual surgery efficient and minimally invasive.

With the same 3D software, the doctors create a surgical guide that guides the implant into the exact location they planned. There is no need to open up the jaw bone or gum tissue, and there are no surprises.

State-of-the-Art Bone Grafting

In some cases the bone underlying the tooth or teeth will need to be augmented by using bone graft material to stimulate bone growth. Occasionally, the sinus floor needs to be lifted to allow the new bone to grow. Drs. Parra and Craighead can perform the bone grafting during the implant surgery. They also use growth factors from the blood to stimulate bone growth.

Dr. Craighead is an expert in bone grafting and he lectures on bone augmentation techniques. If you need bone grafting, he will assess what kind of bone grafting material and which kind of bone graft will work best for your case. The doctors always use the highest-quality bone products to ensure the best outcome.

Beautiful, Strong New Teeth

that look and feel like natural teeth

As prosthodontists, Dr. Parra and Dr. Craighead are specialists in the fabrication of aesthetic, durable and properly functioning replacement teeth. They plan the new tooth or teeth carefully to make sure it looks natural and fits the patient’s bite correctly for optimal comfort and functionality.

The doctors work with master ceramists in USA labs. Because of their use of 3D software, you’ll often be able to walk out with new teeth in the same day.

Friendly, Comfortable Care

Our office is designed to have a spa-like environment, with a large TV in each treatment room, treatment chairs with heat and massage, and we can provide you with blankets and pillows. In our waiting room you can enjoy Starbucks coffee and fresh-baked cookies. Both IV and oral sedation are available.

Our staff and doctors are very friendly and welcoming and will help you stay comfortable.

Affordable Payment Plans

We offer third-party financing options and work with you on payment plans to fit your budget. At your free consultation, we’ll review all the available options with you.

Why Work With A Prosthodontist and Periodontist?

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Success Stories

Image of a patient smiling.

“The staff is amazing. I can actually smile again.”

“I really hadn’t ever liked going to the dentist until I met the doctors at this office. They made me feel so great about the work they were going to do on my teeth. The staff is amazing. I can actually smile again. Before, I was embarrassed to smile because my teeth looked uneven and they were all different shades. Now they are just beautiful, thanks to the doctors. I love smiling again.”

— Tatiana, dental implants

Image of a patient smiling.

“The staff have always been nice and courteous every time I have visited.”

“I had low self-esteem due to the appearance of my teeth. As a teen and young adult, I didn’t take very good care of them. Now that I am older, I realize my health depends on my teeth as well. Dr. Parra and Dr. Craighead brought my teeth back to where I now have higher self-esteem and can smile more. The staff at Premier Dental Team have been nice and courteous every time I have visited. I enjoy my time at the dentist—that’s not very often said about going to any dentist.”

— William, dental implants

Image of a patient smiling.

“There’s never any pain; no fear and no anxiety.”

“Dr. Craighead—I trust him with everything. He’s the only dual prosthodontist and periodontist in the state of Florida, so no one has more expertise than he does. The really great thing about coming to Dr. Parra and Dr. Craighead is they’re both very gentle. When they give you a shot, you don’t even know that you’ve had the shot. There’s never any pain; no fear and no anxiety.”

— David, full-mouth rehabilitation, including dental implants

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are proud to serve as the only specialist team offering the expertise of both a prosthodontist and periodontist in Gainesville, FL.


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