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Your teeth are precious. Once your permanent teeth have grown in, you won’t grow new teeth to replace them. So when you experience tooth loss, the effects can impact your entire life. Missing teeth can lead to speech problems, difficulty chewing food and even lower your self-esteem. These teeth can be lost due to a facial injury or from dental diseases.

Fortunately, a Gainesville, FL dentist can help. By using dental implants, your smile can be restored. These replacement teeth look natural and restore the functionality of your mouth. When installed according to the manufacturers recommendation, they also have a 99% success rate.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a prosthetic that replaced teeth that are missing. These replacement teeth are commonly constructed of titanium alloy. This material is strong, durable and biocompatible with your teeth. It is used to support full and partial dentures as well as dental crowns. These implants are then surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw with a procedure called osseointegration. These implants are designed to deliver the desired esthetics and to improve the success rate of the replacement teeth.

How do I Protect the Dental Implants?

Your Gainesville prosthodontist will go over some of the risk factors that impact the long term success of these dental implants. They include poor oral hygiene, unmanaged diabetes and even smoking. It is important you follow the post care instructions for your dental implants that your dentist provides you. This will increase the longevity of these teeth.

How Do These Implants Work?

While dental implants are fascinating, there is some mystery to patients. The dental implants your prosthodontist installs have three components to them. They have a fixture, abutment and the prosthetic.

First, the oral surgeon goes into the mouth and installs the fixture (post). They then allow it to heal properly. This is done using a procedure known as osseointegration. Once the fixture has healed into your jawbone, the next step is to take an impression. The impression is used to design the replacement tooth. Your dentist will then set the implant so it appears naturally spaced with your other teeth. This helps to give a natural appearance so only you and your dentist know that you’ve had teeth replaced.

Dental implants have dramatically improved since they were introduced in the 1970s. Today, they look and feel natural. While their success rate continues to improve. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, it is important to work with an experienced professional.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When you have your dental implants installed by a prosthodontist, there are certain benefits. They include the following:

  • Chew food naturally without pain
  • Improved support for your mouth
  • Longer lasting than traditional repairs
  • Preservation of remaining teeth
  • Reduced jawbone loss
  • Replaces the need for loose fitting dentures
  • Talk naturally

At Premier Dental Team, our qualified surgeon and restorative doctor will successfully install your implants. This will in help to restore the health and beauty of you smile, while boosting your self-confidence. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Premier Dental Team is the only practice in Gainesville, FL to have two surgically trained Prosthodontists. We are also the only practice in Gainesville to have the latest SIRONA 3D CT scan technology combined with the CEREC Omni Cam intraoral scanner and milling machine. What this means to you is we are able to provide a much more accurate diagnosis and computer guided implant surgery. The combined experience and utilizing the latest techniques and technology are critical in ensuring you receive the best possible care and the greatest results.

What if I’m missing many teeth?

Dental implants are simply the gold standard for replacing single missing teeth. In addition, they can be used to replace multiple teeth or stabilize a loose or poor fitting denture or partial denture.

Believe it, or not, a full jaw of missing teeth can be replaced by as little as five dental implants! In the case of dentures, especially the bottom denture that typically “floats” in the mouth, can be stabilized with as little as two implants. If you have more than one missing tooth, dental implants can help to restore proper function, as well as esthetics.

Are all implant surgeons the same?

Prosthodontists spend three years in post-graduate residency training learning not only the restoration and surgical placement of dental implants, but, the history, healing on a microscopic level and how to handle complications. The prosthodontists at Premier Dental Team not only completed post-graduate residency training, but also completed 2 years of additional full time commitment in Fellowship training in advanced Implant surgery at the University of Florida.

It is very important to know the skill level of your implant surgeon, and restoring dentist, including their training level, as well as the amount of implant experience they have in practice. Surgeons or restorative dentists who place only a few dental implants each year may not have the experience or expertise to provide the level of treatment and ongoing care that you will need.

Do you offer Follow-up care?

It is extremely important when choosing a surgeon and restoring dentist to find out the level of follow-up care they will offer after your treatment is complete. Prosthodontists follow patients for years after providing dental implant therapy. This allows not only catching any difficulties early in the process but also being able to deal with the complications if they arrive. In fact at Premier Dental Team part of your routine maintenance includes a warranty on all implants and implant restorations at no additional charge to you! Many surgeons only place the implants and do not see you for long-term care. You only see them again if you have problems.

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Before & Afters  - The Premier Dental Team
Before & Afters  - The Premier Dental Team
Before & Afters  - The Premier Dental Team
Before & Afters  - The Premier Dental Team

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are proud to serve as the only specialist team offering the expertise of both a prosthodontist and periodontist in Gainesville, FL.


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