Scaling and Root Planing

Our Preventive Dentistry: Scaling and Root Planing

Over time, calculus or tartar will be formed when plaque combines with natural minerals in the mouth. The hardened concretions stick to the teeth and roots and allow for more plaque accumulation. The hard concretions do not cause deterioration of the teeth and roots but act as a medium for the further bacterial colonization on the regular root surfaces.

Procedures such as a periodontal exam, prophylaxis, scaling and root planning and periodontal maintenance are preventive measures Premier Dental Team provides to our patients. Dr. Parra will conduct clinical examination and evaluate your radiographs to make a diagnosis before recommending or beginning these procedures. As well as being preventive solutions, these procedures can be the first treatment for gum disease, at our office it is also call “periodontal initial therapy”.


Our team uses special hand or ultrasonic vibrating dental instruments to blast plaque and calculus off the teeth. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Parra or your certified dental hygienist may anesthetize half or one-fourth of the mouth. If anesthesia is used, your gum and lips may remain numb for a few hours. Numbing ensures our hygienist and Dr. Parra work thoroughly without causing discomfort to the patients.

Root planing

Scaling may leave a rough surface after removing the hardened deposits that adhere to the teeth’s surface and under the gums. After scaling, our dental hygienist perform root planing, which is specific treatment that serves to smoothen the root surfaces while making them free from tartar. Smoothening the root surface will promote good healing. Having clean, smooth root surfaces stops bacteria from easily colonizing the teeth and gum in future. The gum tissue will shrink, tighten around the teeth and regenerate without irritation.


Our team will make a follow up after the above procedures to ensure everything is going well. Once the soft tissues have healed your dental health professional will make another periodontal chart that describes the current health of your teeth and gums. Periodontal charting will keep track of the progress of your dental health by recording the pocket depth to track gum disease. Ideally, the pocket depths should be less than 3 millimeters since deeper pockets tend to indicate

Benefits of our services

Our dental services will protect the teeth from decay and gingivitis as well as preventing other diseases associated with oral hygiene and habits. Our dental expertise will help to promote better breath and improve the look and feel of your teeth. Periodontal intervention will prevent further problems with your teeth such as teeth loss, which may require other forms of prosthetic replacement. Not only will our services save you money and time but also boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, the procedures may not always require anesthesia since they cause little or no discomfort. When completed in a timely manner as part of your customized plan for prevention and maintenance, they are not as painful as surgical methods of cleaning that involve cutting, stitching or similar painful procedures.

Our dental procedures are done thoroughly and with attention to detail to ensure the causative agents are removed. As a result of our expertise, there will be a far quicker healing period. The services are also cheaper alternatives to surgical treatment for periodontal diseases. For most patients, scaling and root planing is all they need to eliminate periodontal diseases especially in the early stages.

Why choose Premier Dental Team practice

We do not just provide our dental services and wish our patients the best of luck. Our team of specialists will follow up on your progress with regular professional care. We consistently check your dental health to make sure your oral health is adequately maintained for life.

Our team not only helps fight periodontal diseases but also give advice on good oral health practices. Our services will work well if you maintain good dental care after the procedure. Our team of prosthodontists and hygienist will recommend on the best home oral practices that will influence the success of periodontal intervention.

Our practice is a welcoming environment for everyone including patients who suffer dental anxiety. The team’s dental professionals understand our patients’ fears. With a combination of gentleness and kindness we can do a lot to make your dental treatment virtually stress free.

Take the step to preventing periodontal diseases and improve your smile today. Call us now to book your initial consultation where we will provide you with comprehensive details on root planing and periodontal scaling.

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are proud to serve as the only specialist team offering the expertise of both a prosthodontist and periodontist in Gainesville, FL.


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