Snap-in Dentures are used to stabilize dentures for existing denture wearers or as a more economical option for full-mouth teeth replacement

Enjoy stable new teeth and increased chewing power

Diagram of implant-supported dentures.

Snap-in Implant Dentures consist of high-quality dentures designed to attach and detach from dental implants placed strategically in the jawbone.

Drs. Parra and Craighead can use as few as 2 implants in the lower denture and recommends 4 in the upper denture if you don’t want a denture palate covering the roof of your mouth. More implants can be used as necessary, and to increase stability and chewing power.

Drs. Craighead and Parra are specialists both in implant surgery and restoring or creating aesthetic new teeth. They are experts in denture design and fabrication and will give your dentures a very natural look.

Do you wear dentures?


Most likely you are sick of your dentures getting loose and not being able to chew some of your favorite foods. Here are some advantages to Implant-Supported Snap-In Dentures:


Implant-supported snap-in dentures will give you stable, beautiful new teeth

Snap-in dentures can replace broken-down, unsightly teeth that are beyond saving, or that would be too expensive and time-consuming to treat.

They are a full-arch replacement option for either your upper or lower teeth, or both. They have a similar function to New Teeth in One Day, but are a more economical option. Unlike New Teeth in One Day, Snap-In Dentures are removable and can be cleaned. They provide 50% to 80% of natural chewing power (depending of the numbers of implants) compared to New Teeth in One Day’s 90 to 100 percent.

With either option, you are going to get top-of-the line new teeth. Drs. Craighead and Parra make the snap-in dentures from a high-grade acrylic that is a lot stronger and more aesthetic than the normal denture material. They can make the dentures very realistic by using six to eight different layers of color and translucency.

Drs. Parra and Craighead—Experts in dentures and full-mouth tooth replacement

Drs. Craighead and Parra have the training and skill to give you a comfortable experience and the best possible treatment. They have been providing implants, dentures and full-mouth teeth replacement since 2007 and have completed many hundreds of cases.

Highly Trained Specialists

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are both prosthodontists, specialists with three years additional training in aesthetic tooth restoration, including dental implants, dentures, cosmetic dentistry and full-mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Parra has additionally completed a two-year implant surgical fellowship program at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Dr. Craighead is also a periodontist, a specialist in dental implant surgery, gum and jawbone treatment and replacement. He is one of a handful of dual specialists worldwide. He lectures on dental implant surgery, bone grafting and advanced prosthodontics.


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Working with a prosthodontic and periodontic team has definite advantages:

Affordable Payment Plans

We offer third-party financing options and work with you on payment plans to fit your budget. At your free consultation, we’ll review all the available options with you.


“Now I am pain free, have my smile and my health back, and I have been able to eat steak!”

“I had nights where I couldn’t sleep at all because the pain in my mouth was so bad. I was shy about smiling. I couldn’t laugh. Then I found out that the problems with my teeth were also affecting my health. It was this, combined with other factors, that drove me to be aggressive about getting my teeth fixed ASAP.

“The doctor presented me with different options to restore my teeth, including implant-supported dentures. It was the best decision I ever made. Now I am pain free, have my smile and my health back, and I have been able to eat steak!”

— Albert, implant-supported dentures

Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead are proud to serve as the only specialist team offering the expertise of both a prosthodontist and periodontist in Gainesville, FL.


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